Recognizing needs – Developing solutions

ALPRO is one of the most creative companies in the infection control sector. ALPRO stands out due to first class and environment-friendly products and reliability. Futhermore, ALPRO is one of the world’s leading specialists in the cleaning, maintenance and disinfection of dental suction systems with and without amalgam separator (AlproJet-DAlproJet-DDAlproJet-WAlproCleaner.)

Aldehyde-free products are a matter of course for us, including the ALPRO – products, practice-proven for years, Minuten-Spray-classic and MinutenWipes variants for the quick disinfection of surfaces, the universally applicable products BIB forte eco (burr and instrument bath) for the disinfection and cleaning of all instruments as well as PlastiSept eco, the current gentle alcohol-, aldehyde- and QAC-free disinfectant for all plastic and metal surfaces.

ALPRO is a global leader in the research and development of products for removing biofilm in dental unit water lines and decontamination of procedural water. With BRS (Biofilm-Removing-System) and Alpron / Bilpron. the requirements of EN ISO 16954:2015 are met and drinking water quality in dental units is achieved. In order to maintain this standard, which is necessary for the dental practice, two different systems for the decontamination of procedural water, Weekend-System II and ALPROBCS (Bottle-Care-System), are available for connection to the dental unit.