Quality, Reliability and Innovation


  • ALPRO ranks among the most creative companies in the infection protection area. They have gained a sound reputation for their reliability and high-quality, environment-friendly products.


  • ALPRO researches, develops, produces and sells hygiene and cleaning products as well as disinfectants for the dentistry, general medicine and for the laboratory and also special products for the preparation of treatment water and for the sewage water of dental units. Also characteristical for ALPRO is the production of especially ecological products and this with the shortest residence time for disinfection compounds.


  • ALPRO is a worldwide leading company of special cleaning and disinfection as well as maintenance products for dental units with or without amalgam separator. ALPRO is in a leading position with the methods of removal of biofilms (BRS) and decontamination of treatment water (ALPRON) of dental units. Furthermore, a highly qualified product management, consistent quality assurance and a fast delivery capability ensure a high customer satisfaction.
Hygiene training in your practice
Sie möchten an einer Hygieneschulung von ALPRO teilnehmen, aber es gibt keinen Termin in Ihrer Nähe? Then simply bring the training to your practice!
The validated reprocessing of medical devices Part I
(A report by Dr Varrentrapp)

Published in the ZWR – Das Deutsche Zahnärzteblatt 2017
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Take advantage of the state subsidy!
50 per cent cost reimbursement (old federal states) and 
80 per cent reimbursement (new federal states) for

  • Practice inspection & analysis
  • Work instructions & hygiene plans
  • Staff training & legally compliant instrument reprocessing